İş Fırsatlarımız

Key Account Manager(KAM)

ŞEHİR : İstanbul(Anadolu)
FİRMA : iyzico

Our client in Technology sector, providing payment services, is looking for a “Key Account Manager” for its rapidly growing team with the following requirements:

- Proven success and experience in a B2B sales environment, minimum of 3-5 years preferably within the payments industry
- Knowledge of payments processing, merchant accounts and e-commerce is preferable
- Ability to juggle a large number of business deals and priorities
- Strong communication skills and ability to work as part of a fast-pace team

- Genuine interest on technology, aware of digital trends
- Dynamic attitude with an inner fire burning to change the payments space in Turkey


- Building and managing a strong sales pipeline
- Manage client relationships from the first pitch to closing the deal
- Build strong relations on different levels with multiple functions and divisions with all customers
- Conduct business analysis to support each opportunity and monitor performance data
- Ability to set expectations and manage stakeholder relationships successfully

IT Business Solutions Manager

ŞEHİR : İstanbul
FİRMA : Shaya

Our client, which is the leading retail player in the World, is looking for an “IT Business Solutions Manager” with the following requirements: 


- At least 8 years of experience, preferably in retail sector
- Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science or related fields
- Excellent command of written and spoken English
- Experience in development (preferably in mobile development environment)
- Experience in cloud environment
- Experience in CRM (preferably in Microsoft CRM Dynamics)
- Knowledge of SQL

Job Description:

- Responsible for the successful, sustainable and timely implementation of projects
- Analyze brand specifications and identify business needs
- Manage 3rd parties for the business needs
- Find technical solutions to provide best IT solutions and project deliverables
- Manage the change requests raised by brand
- Plan and execute the projects within defined time & quality
- Manage and develop a team of project leads.

Product Owner

ŞEHİR : İstanbul(Avrupa)
FİRMA : Frontech

Our client is looking for an experienced “Product Owner” to help them build the best online gaming platform. This is a great opportunity to join a rapidly expanding IT company working with European companies. They are young, dynamic and innovative and seek others who have the same entrepreneurial spirit to share ideas and make them happen. As a team, they always strive to be better at what they do. They believe in collaboration, a non- hierarchical approach, own initiatives, and last but not least in having fun at work! 

The Position:
This is a position whom wants to affect the future of their sites! This is an entrepreneurial role suited for you who is never comfortable with the status quo. For this position you must have passion to improve customer satisfaction.

As a Product Owner you will have ownership of delivering new types of features to our brands, ranging from new registration flows to new third party integration. You will deliver such new features together with stakeholders, the design/UX team and their internal tech team.

You will have responsibility together with stakeholders to identify the underlying need behind a feature request. Explore and suggest impressive solutions together with the design team. Making sure all features are delivered in the most efficient way possible. You of course need to be on top of the game to know what’s going on in the rest of the gaming world – everything to meet the needs and expectations from our customers.

In the end it’s all about making things happen to create great experiences for our customers -delivering new features and functionalities and making sure they are delivered in a timely manner.Being able to clarify requirements and other bumps on the way to that release. Don’t forget, processes and work flows can always be improved.

You will be based in Istanbul and report to Head of Istanbul Office and Head of Product Development in London.

If you are a good listener that tends to snap up great ideas and an urge to bring them to life in the best possible way, this position is for you.
● Great communicator
● The ability to prioritize your work and also guide teams in the release processes
● Experience in writing detailed user stories, specifications and requirements for new features
● Experience in writing detailed acceptance test criterias
● Preferably experience in working for agile organisations
● Excellent command of written and spoken English
● No military obligation and willing to travel abroad
● Minimum 5 years of experience in related positions

● Being in an international team
● Flexible use of vacation days
● Business trips to London, Stockholm and Malta
● Flexible and relaxed working environment
● Central location
● Good coffee :)

Feeling like this is the next step for you? Great! Please send your CV to info@runmate.com

Hazine Uzmanı

ŞEHİR : Çayırova(Kocaeli)

Dünya devi iş ortağımızın, Çayırova'daki merkezi için aşağıdaki niteliklere uygun bir "Hazine Uzmanı" arayışındayız: 


- Üniversitelerin ilgili bölümlerinden mezun
- Hedging konusunda bilgili ve hedging işlemleri yapmış
- Bloomberg Terminali bilgisi ve deneyimi olan
- İyi derecede İngilizce bilen
- Benzer bir pozisyonda 3-4 yıl iş deneyimine sahip
- MS Office programlarına hakim, özellikle excel programını etkin olarak kullanabilen
- Finans ve muhasebe uygulamaları hakkında bilgili ve deneyimli
- Takım çalışmasında uyumlu, analitik düşünme yeteneğine sahip, iletişim becerileri gelişmiş

ICT Unit Supervisor/Executive

ŞEHİR : İstanbul
FİRMA : Unifree Duty Free

Our client, operating hundreds of stores in tens of international airports, is looking for an ”ICT Unit Supervisor/Executive" for its rapidly growing organization with the following requirements: 


- Bachelor’s degree in computer science/engineering, information systems or related fields
- Team management experience
- Minimum 3 years of Project Management experience is a must (PMP and/or Prince2 certifications are big assets)
- Minimum 4 years of hands on experience in IT Systems Infrastructure and network, Windows Server FamilyKnowledge and experience on OSI Layers: 1-2-3-4ITSM know-how
- Technical knowledge and experience for the following items:IT Data center design, IT structural cabling design, CCTV, Digital Signage, Digital Audio, Access Control Systems
- Knowledge and hands-on experience on tender/procurement management
- Experience in the newly constructed facilities, data centers, offices, buildings is preferable
- Good troubleshooting capabilities and solid problem-solving skills with proactive approach
- Good communication skills in both Turkish and English
- Military service should be completed for male candidates
- No restrictions for travelling both inside of Turkey and abroad temporarily

Job Description:

- Collecting and understanding business requirements, finding and implementing the proper ICT solution accordingly
- Using MS Project, One Note and various project management and documentation tools as his habits and reflexes
- Managing ICT Infrastructure Project
- Delivering tender specification documents and managing related tenders
- Ensuring high level quality ICT infrastructure, network and security within ICT environment.
- Having a mature approach for approving any deliveries in a structured way such as test, accept, implement, monitor, etc
- Developing policies, procedures and standards
- Identifying possible risks, probability/impact analysis and creating risk responses accordingly

Compensation&Benefits Supervisor

ŞEHİR : İstanbul
FİRMA : Gizli

Our multinational client is looking for a “Compensation&Benefits Supervisor” to join their HR Team with the following requirements:

- Analytic, realist and 6-8 years experience is preferred
- Good knowledge of excel and powerpoint is a must
- Have an excellent comment of English
- Creative and add value to the tasks

Sales Engineer

ŞEHİR : Ankara
FİRMA : Schindler

Detaylı bilgi ve başvuru için:aygulc@runmate.com

Fabrika Müdürü

ŞEHİR : Eskişehir
FİRMA : Peyman

Danışmanlığını yapmakta olduğumuz kuruyemiş alanında faaliyet gösteren iş ortağımızın, Eskişehir’deki fabrikasında görev alacak aşağıdaki niteliklere uygun bir “Fabrika Müdürü” arayışımız bulunmaktadır:

Genel Nitelikler:

- Üniversitelerin mühendislik bölümlerinden mezun
- Minimum 10 yıl yöneticilik tecrübesi olan
- Tercihen gıda üretim firmalarında görev almış olan,
- İyi derecede İngilizce bilgisi olan
- MS Office programlarına hakim
- Aktif araç kullanabilen
- Seyahat engeli olmayan
- Erkek adaylar için askerlik hizmetini tamamlamış
- Büyük ekip yönetim tecrübesi bulunan
- Kendini, ilişkilerini ve süreçleri geliştirebilen

Tedarik Zinciri Direktörü

ŞEHİR : İstanbul(Avrupa)
FİRMA : Gizli

Danışmanlığını yapmakta olduğumuz iş ortağımız için "Tedarik Zinciri Direktörü" arayışındayız.
Detaylı bilgi ve başvuru için:emreb@runmate.com

Chief Financial Officer(CFO)

ŞEHİR : İstanbul(Avrupa)
FİRMA : Gizli

Danışmanlığını yapmakta olduğumuz iş ortağımız için CFO arayışındayız.
Detaylı bilgi ve başvuru için:emreb@runmate.com

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